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Tyvek Security Wristbands

In this guide, we'll show you the security features of our Tyvek wristbands. 

You'll learn the two main security components

  1. The security slits
  2. The sticky patch and the little white square

The Security Slits

At one end of a Tyvek wristband there are multiple V-shaped slits that perforate the wristband. Once the wristband is applied, these slits will tear, visibly damaging the band if someone tries to remove it or transfer it to someone else.

Tyvek security wristband

The Sticky Patch and The White Square

Underneath the security slits on the other side of the wristband is the sticky patch. It is covered by a little white square. 

Tyvek security wristband

When placing the wristband on a guest, you peel off the little white square to expose the sticky patch. You then use the sticky patch to secure the wristband to the guest.

Tyvek security wristband

Once the wristband has been securely attached to the guest's wrist, it looks like this.

Tyvek security wristband

A Damaged Wristband

The security slits will tear if anyone tries to remove the wristband, or transfer it to another person.

A damaged wristband looks like this:

Tyvek security wristband slits



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