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How Do You Make Tickets?

Not sure how to make tickets for your event? With Ticketalternative.co.uk, we make it easy for you.

  1. Choose a background design – We have over 100 different designs that will work for every type of event. Our designs with a shiny foil stamp are the most popular, but we also have designs for beer festivals, events at nightclubs, concert ticket designs, wine tasting templates and even a template for a concert-loving couple looking for a unique wedding invitation. 

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  2. Submit your text with our template – Once you find a design that works for your event or venue, use our quick and easy text template to customize the ticket.

  3. Submit Order - All that’s left is to confirm and submit your order. If you order £100 or more of tickets, we'll ship them anywhere in the UK, via Royal Mail Special Delivery, for free. Get more information here.

How Do We Make Tickets That Make Your Events Better?

Our customizable, Do-It-Yourself tickets will not only make your event look very professional. But they're also packed-full of security elements which make it virtually impossible for anyone to create counterfeit tickets for your event. 

All of our ticket templates have hidden ink on the back that can only be viewed under a blacklight or ultra-violet (UV) light. There is also hidden ink that is only exposed when rubbed with the edge of a coin. Both the body and th stub are sequentially numbered, and our tickets have barcodes, foil stamps or holograms.

Our turnaround time is one of the quickest in the business. If you order before 2pm today, you can have them tomorrow! All you have to do is select Royal Mail Special Delivery at checkout. If you're ordering £100 or more of tickets, we'll even ship them free!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us now.

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