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Security Features


Our tickets are the most professional-looking and secure tickets available with numerous anti-counterfeiting elements.

Tickets are printed on industry-standard 90lb thermal ticket stock.  They are all individually cut.

Our tickets are perforated. There is a perforation between the ticket body and the stub.


Each ticket has these built-in security elements:

  • Hidden U/V Ink (only visible under a blacklight/UV light or torch)
  • Hidden Ink (only visible when rubbed with the edge of a coin)
  • Unique Hologram or Foil Stamp
  • Sequential Numbering on both the ticket body and the ticket stub
  • Barcode (optional)
  • Tamper-proof design

Every order is handled, checked and approved by a human, removing any possibilty that someone can duplicate your tickets.

Additional Security

Once an order has been printed with us, it isn't possible for anyone else to submit the same design. It simply isn't possible for someone to duplicate your tickets. No one else has our designs. The invisible UV ink and the hologram on the back of the ticket provide an additional layer of security not found elsewhere.


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