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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will the charge appear on my statement?

The charge will appear on your statement as Ticket Alternative UK Ltd

2. Is every ticket numbered?

Yes. Both the ticket body and stub are serial numbered on the back of the ticket.

3. How do I know someone won't try to duplicate my tickets?

All orders are handled by a human and preventative measures are in place to prevent anyone from duplicating your tickets. Only the person that placed the original order can place an order for additional tickets.

4. What anti-counterfeiting, security features do your tickets have?

  • Tamper Proof Design
  • Serial Numbers
  • Hidden UV/Black Light Ink
  • Hidden Coin Rub Ink
  • Bar Code Security
  • Hologram
  • Sequential Numbering

5. How are the tickets shipped? Are they in a book?

The tickets are individually cut and banded and usually shipped in stacks of 100. However, the size of each stack is determined by the total number of tickets you order. We don't need to put them in books as each ticket is numbered and it's easy to keep inventory and determine which tickets have been sold/distributed.

6. Do your prices include VAT?

No, but the price including VAT is clearly displayed online and during checkout.

7. Can I print on the back of my tickets?

No. The disclaimer on the back of the tickets is pre-printed and cannot be changed.

8. Do you sell Tyvek wristbands in smaller quantities than 250?

Yes. We offer 100 packs of Tyvek wristbands here.

9. Do you sell more expensive looking wristbands?

Yes. Our plastic wristbands and holographic wristbands are perfect if you're looking for a higher quality wristband. 

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