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Tyvek Wristbands

Our Tyvek wristbands are 10 inches long x 3/4 inch wide. (254mm x 19mm) One size fits all.

As low as £32.40 (inc. VAT) for 1,000 wristbands!

Sold in packs of 250 for as low as £7.50, or packs of 100 for just £5.10 (inc. VAT)

Event wristbands are available in variety of different colours and styles. Choose from one of the many categories below (solid colours, VIP, Drinking Age Verified etc).

Custom Printed Wristbands

Create your own custom wristbands using your own design and/or text.

Number of Wristbands Price             Per Box of 250 (solid colours) 
250 £14.39 (inc VAT) £14.39 per box / less than 6p each
500 £28.78 £14.39 per box / less than 6p each
750 £43.17 £14.39 per box / less than 6p each
1000 £32.40 £8.10 per box / 3p each
1,500 £48.60 £8.10 per box / 3p each
2,000 £60.00 *£7.50 per box / 3p each
3,000 £90.00 £7.50 per box / 3p each
5,000 £150.00 £7.50 per box / 3p each


Our 3/4" Tyvek wristbands cost less than 3p each!

Our high quality Tyvek wristbands ship from our offices in London. Order before 3pm GMT and your wristbands will be sent out the same day for delivery the next day. (Monday to Friday)

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