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Parties are a time for laughter, games, dancing and genuinely having a good time. As the host, you don't want to be bothered with crashers and the maelstrom of questions from invitees, so let your ticket strategically solve it all! Ticket Alternative will provide your party with an extra measure of security with our many tamper proof features, including coin rub ink, holograms, serial numbers and more. Furthermore, customize your design so you provide attendees with all the insights they want and need.

However, just because tickets are practical does not mean they have to be dull. Our colourful options will get recipients in the mood prior to arriving and can serve as the perfect memento in a scrap book or photo album. Our range of designs will make it easy to find the visual that perfectly embodies your celebration.

Plus, Ticket Alternative offers the sense of comfort that comes with next day shipping.

The designs below are perfect for many different types of parties and events, large or small. Our tickets are virtually impossible to duplicate. Every ticket has a hologram, hidden ink (only visible under a blacklight or when rubbed with a coin) and serial numbers.

It's easy to order online!

Submit your Ticket Text Template along with your order to let us know what you'd like printed on your tickets.

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