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Official Style

Professional, posh events should appear polished from the performers to the tiniest of details, which is where our Official Style tickets fit in. Coming in seven different colours, this design is printed to be both neat and helpful as it directs patrons to their sections. To make any event more elite, pay a one-time of £49.98 fee to include reserved seating. It doesn't get more official than with Ticket Alternative UK’s selection, as we provide a multitude of security measures that make our products nearly impossible to replicate, like serial numbers, hidden UV/black light ink, holograms and the opportunity to add bar codes. Furthermore, we are one of the region’s only printers to provide the convenience of next day delivery (Monday through Friday). This simple but sleek design is perfect for a wide variety of occasions, from rock concerts to galas, so add a formal touch to your venue today with the boost of an official-styled ticket.

Reserved Seating

Our Official Style tickets can be used for either General Admission events, or events with Reserved Seating. If your event has reserved seating, please indicate so when ordering your tickets. There is a one-time £49.98 (inc VAT) set up fee only for Reserved Seating. You can submit your seating chart along with your order. We'll contact you to collect payment once your order is in the system.

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